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What size should I choose?

Our original Large Surfboard Display Rack was created for the Longboard or Short Board so the fin would not touch the wall when it was displayed with the Top (Deck) of the Surfboard facing out. The large Racks accommodate most normal Glassed on or Removable fins. The Large Racks are most popular with bigger surfboards and customers who want to see the back of the Surfboard also.

The Small Racks were created to accommodate those who prefer to have their surfboards as close to the wall or stairways as possible. Also for the lighter Short Boards that have up to 6 1/2 inch fins that go against the wall. The small racks have also been popular as coat and plant hangers and for Snowboards and Skis. Recently the small racks have been popular for holding a Bamboo curtain rod on each end and hanging tropical fabric drapes in bathrooms, kids rooms, etc. 

My wife and I love our Palm tree floor lamp and we really want to purchase the South Pacific Girl Lamp. It has been showing "out of stock" for over 1 month? When will she be available?? Anxiously awaiting, Peter and Shawna, Naples, Florida

Dear Peter, Sorry for making you wait so long for your South pacific girl lamp, but as you know each of our lamps is a handmade piece of art usually made from one piece of wood with great detail similar to an ice sculpture. We only make a limited amount of each item per year to assure our customers that they are receiving the finest quality hand carved sculptured products available. Please keep checking our website for availability of the item you want or we will be happy to put your name on our list to call when the item you want is available for purchase.

Peter, thanks for your question and were so glad you are enjoying your new Palm tree floor lamp.

Best regards, Tropical Island Decor 

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