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 Traditional Hawaiian Bucktooth TIKI  / PROTECTOR AND  KU'  STANDING TIKI MAN


Height: Top to bottom against wall approximetly: 20 inches

Width: Approximetly: 3-3/4 inches

Length: Projecting from wall into room: Approximetly 24 inches

Cradle: Opening for Surfboard or Paddleboard: Approximetly: 4-3/4 inches

Hardware: 6 1/4 inch x 4 inch lag bolts are included with washers and end caps for lags. Also included is a felt liner for the cradle.

These Display Racks make a definite statement. They look great in any room or Hotel / Restaurant lobby.

A beautiful hand carved Palm Tree or Tiki design is available in very limited production.

Please note that this item sells out very quickly when in stock.

Keep checking back for current availability.