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Surfboard / Paddleboard Display Racks Giant  Bucktooth Tiki Design

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Price: $695.00
Prod. Code: GSDR

Giant Handcarved Surfboard /  Paddleboard Display Racks.


Height: Top to bottom against wall approximetly: 20 inches

Width: Approximetly: 3-3/4 inches

Length: Projecting from wall into room: Approximetly 24 inches

Cradle: Opening for Surfboard or Paddleboard: Approximetly: 4-3/4 inches

Hardware: 6 1/4 inch x 4 inch lag bolts are included with washers and lag bolt cover caps. Also included is felt padding for the cradle.

These Display Racks really make a "Statement"

A Beautiful Hand Carved Palm Tree or Tiki Design is available.

Please note that this Item sells out very quickly when in stock.

Keep checking back for current availability.