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Send crystal clear video email of your product anywhere in the world in minutes.

Talk Fusion is the next generation of personal and business communication. Do yourself a favor and start using this service today, It will make your plain text emails a thing of the past. You will enhance your personal and business communications and increase your company or home based business sales and this company pays you for referrals.. Give it a try and see for yourself. www.rjvideoemail.com  This business and personal video email service also works great with laptop computers that already have built in cameras. This is the future of communication  sending email.

You can use your existing home video camcorder to film, edit and create movies then simply upload them into the Talk Fusion window and send perfect videos of yourself, your products or your company in minutes to friends, business associates or family members anywhere in the world..

Also new in 2008 are "POCKET CAMCORDERS" such as the Flip Video digital camcorders available at Costo, Sam's Club or online. "FLIP VIDEO CAMCORDERS" very quick and easy to use and they simply plug right into your desktop or laptop computer and tell you right on your screen step by step how to save or send them. Sony and Kodack also make them.


Great technology that makes communication friendly, personal, fun and financially rewarding.

Just go to the Talk Fusion website and enroll. The best value is the Executive Plan. They include a custom template for you that will make you or your business look very professional.


If you want to be a part of the companies revenue sharing when other people buy the service make sure you purchace as a business associate not just a customer. The company will then keep paying you for each person that gets the service anywhere in the world. We use the service everyday here at Tropical Island Decor and it doesn't cost us anything to use. It paid us back for our initial investment and now pays us weekly for all of the new people that sign up to use the service. A win win all the way around.

We highly recommed it!

If you have any questions please call us direct.



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